Company Overview

AlumniLocators is an operating division of Business Credit Information Inc. (BCI) — a privately held corporation serving higher education and non-profits since 1994. Our dynamic corporate structure and “no-frills” management philosophy has enabled us to fulfil a broad spectrum of information needs. We integrate the latest technologies and database sourcing to facilitate high quality, proprietary systems that meet customer demands in the most cost-efficient manner. At BCI, we’re committed to maintaining our nimble nature to meet the continually changing requirements of our clients and partners. BCI offers a broad range of data retrieval/verification and enhancement services that are specifically designed to serve Universities / Colleges, Foundations, Advancement / Development offices, Alumni Associations, and Prospect Research departments. These services are driven by sophisticated programming techniques and highly advanced search algorithms that link together data on your existing records to locate new data and rebuild your files with current, valuable information. This process has proven to yield optimal results and continues to get stronger every year.

Our Pledge To You

Our pledge as your information partner is to provide you a safe, efficient method of locating more of your constituents through strategically timed database updates. BCI brings the knowledge, resources and experience necessary to make that happen and ensure your success.

Our Mission

To provide contact information products across multiple channels – connecting you with your constituents and meeting your targets / financial goals over a broad spectrum of fundraising activities.

Data Security

Business Credit Information, Inc. (BCI) is an information services provider operating in leased premises located at 1660 School St. Ste. 101 Moraga, CA 94556. The company is actively engaged in serving higher-ed and non-profit organizations with database solutions that enable Universities and Colleges to increase contact rates on their constituents. BCI is keenly aware of the heightened concerns that many institutions face regarding data security — particularly when handling large volumes of personal and confidential data. Our dynamic policies are continually evolving to ensure clients’ safety – we stand firmly committed to advancing this cause while maintaining industry best standards. Security systems are constantly reviewed and modified while building trust and confidence with our clients.

Working Smarter

BCI…working beyond intuition to active intelligence!

For most institutions of higher learning, the cost of not staying updated on the whereabouts of alumni is far from measured in dollars alone. As if financial concerns aren’t enough, the detrimental impact on institutional advancement can permeate other areas of development as well. But, perhaps nowhere is the immediate pinch more apparent than in fundraising.

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