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Address Assurance

Address Assurance Service

  • Increases mail deliverability by an additional 5 to 15%
  • Programmed with intelligent systems that get smarter every day
  • Re-processes undeliverable mail that you never suspected would be returned
  • Improved address accuracy assures higher match rates on BCI Phone Services, Email Append, Deceased coding, Employment and Biographical data, etc…

To avoid as much return mail as possible, BCI Address Assurance may just be the answer you’re looking for. This process takes your alumni database a quantum leap forward by utilizing the highest levels of human and artificial intelligence to correct and rebuild the names and addresses on your records after previous attempts have failed.

Address Assurance gives you the edge and confidence that every conceivable programming technique has been exhausted to assure your mailings get to where they belong—in the mailbox, not the bins at your office.

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