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It is often said that home is where the heart is. And never before has that calling been any louder in higher education, as the need for Universities and Colleges to know exactly where “home” is stands at a premium. With a clear strategy to replenish outdated contact data and enough persistence, the welcome mat is usually close at hand. But not all doors swing both ways, and if it’s a revolving one, finding your way in may be quite a challenge.

The frequency in which people of all ages move nowadays are at historical lows, and it appears that Millenials are a big part of it. However,  personal preferences for communicating with one another have never been more diverse. From traditional mail – landline – cell/smart phones – email –SMS text –social media – and the internet in whole, the complexities and opportunities in multi-channel marketing are here to stay.

For the past two decades, BCI has been at the forefront in developing new solutions to help locate the data you need most, and it starts quite simply — by listening. Our passion to understand your objectives is what drives us, as we continue to improve our business processes with more advanced search systems, and deeper data repositories at lower cost which we pass on to you!

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