A delicate matter we take to heart

Deceased Coding

The loss of an alum, or any constituent for that matter, is a delicate matter that demands diplomacy at the highest level. And it’s one that BCI takes to heart as well, so measures can be taken to handle the situation appropriately.

Data sources that collect deceased information on individuals is compiled primarily from the Social Security Death Index, family survivors, funeral homes, obituary media, and other Public Record databases deemed to be reliable. BCI deceased data includes Date of death, Date of birth (for verification with your records), and several other match codes that validate the quality of the match. However, due to the highly sensitive nature of this data, and the importance it carries, we strongly suggest third-party verification when in doubt. To find out more click here

In the end, whatever actions you take are likely to make a lasting impression that you’ll have to live with forever. We recommend that you proceed with caution when using this data.

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