Improve Your Email Data:

Collecting email addresses at every venue, activity, event, and program is mainstream for Universities and Colleges nowadays. The more the better, even if you’ve already issued a (.edu) email address for every new student or parent that registers. But the cryptic nature of many personal email addresses, penmanship errors, and typos during data entry cause problems that aren’t immediately detectable.

Without a routine hygiene process that removes invalid / undeliverable addresses, bounces, opt-outs, and spam emails, your data base will eventually become infected and ruin your sender reputation if nothing’s done to curtail it. ISP’s have also made it tougher with advanced technology that makes it increasing difficult to pass along dubious emails.

BCI Email Hygiene and Verification reduces the threat to your sender reputation, and scrubs you data so it’s squeaky clean.

Corrected Emails keep you connected:

 BCI email corrections cover you for typos, spelling errors, invalid characters such as slashes or quotes, domain extension and syntax errors, etc. BCI will also identify any records as: 1) Invalid  2) Hard bounce  3) Complainer  3) Opt-out  4) National DMA Do-Not-Email registry

Alternate Emails restore your relationships:

 Email records that fall beyond our correction process, or flagged for inactivity are pushed along to locate an alternate email addresses, and re-tested for deliverability

ISP Filtering on junk that can hurt you most:

 BCI will filter out toxic emails that are particularly dangerous because they pass through as deliverable emails. ISP’s are quick to catch any bad emails including spam, honeypots, frequent complainers, disposable domains, role accounts, invalid addresses, and profane / abusive emails that compromise your sender reputation.

Suppression Email Protection:

 BCI removes known hard bounces and opt-outs, plus emails with domains that report to spam reporting organizations including the FCC wireless domain list, and DMA Suppression table for greater protection.

Deliverability Testing:

 Your email addresses may look clean, but will they get through to your alums Inbox?  BCI deliverability testing pre-screens your records on the front end to a working mailbox, and guarantees that any new email address appended to your file is deliverable to your alums Inbox or your money back.

Social Media Connection:

 All emails are not alike, and those connected to an active social media site have the highest probability of being a primary address. BCI uses this technology to match your records for better performance, open rates and click-though’s.

Hygiene and Verification Codes:

 BCI provides up to 18 different match codes on email addresses you submit for processing. These codes enable you to easily identify emails that were corrected, safe, deliverable — and those to be cautious with or eliminated from University broadcasts.

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