We Respect Privacy and the Laws

At BCI we’re well aware of the sensitivity that our clients have regarding the use of what many consider to be private and confidential information. Although the acquisition of email addresses may be regarded as a step in that direction, we take every measure possible to assure compliance with industry best practices and the S.877 CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Your constituents also have a broad perspective of how and when email serves them best. From e-invites to special announcements, and gift receipts to e-newsletters –finding the right balance to inform and build affinity at your campus while setting the tone for future appeals requires a great deal of marketing savvy, and underlying data to support it.

To help you along, BCI deploys a number of tools and procedures so that each email project is compliant with all applicable state and federal laws. It’s a responsibility that comes from the values we hold for all our clients’ security and peace of mind. As your trusted partner, we’ll assure your safety every step of the way.

The CAN-SPAM Act: Compliance Guide

Download the FTC’s CAN-SPAM Act

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