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Ambitious campaigns call for big donors with the financial capacity to make substantial contributions and a lasting legacy for others to follow. The path to engage these rare individuals is often found through business relationships, philanthropy, and most surely – Employment. BCI and its partners provide access to this invaluable data through social media connections and public record sources. Appended employment data includes the following:

  • Constituent Full Name
  • Constituent Matched ID
  • Job Title / Position
  • Job Duration / Start Date
  • Employer Company Name
  • Company Location
  • Primary Industry of Company
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Constituent’s Business Email Address
  • Historical Employer(s) with Dates
  • Matching Gift Company Data

Beginning March 2020, find out how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the employment status of your constituents through our new Employment Dashboard.

Real-time employment updates from social profiles!

Planned giving starts with knowing where to look for high and low-profile business leaders, and who to focus in on as they move up the corporate ladder. Major gifts don’t come easy, but the recognition does when coupled by employers with Matching gift policies.

Let us help you cut down on research time with fresh, accurate employment data before your next campaign!

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