BCI Partners With Wealth Engine

You’ve probably heard — for over 20 years and counting, WealthEngine has developed a name that’s synonymous with helping fundraising professionals and prospect researchers perform at higher levels. Yes, it’s all about the data, and we’re proud to partner with them. Experience you can trust with a track record of success to over 3,700 clients around the world. The alums and constituents you need to know about – their assets, their giving history, their sense of philanthropy — their affinity to your institution! Getting it right the first time is just the beginning.

How WE stacks up versus other providers.

WE search…WE screen…WE find…WE score…WE rate… and most of all — WE work together to give you an unbeatable value to locate new prospects and build on the one’s you already have.

What’s behind
the machine

Big data and getting bigger — developed by aggregating, then normalizing data from over 60 sources to generate a massive repository of proprietary insights. WE Search is the industry’s most in-depth, unified wealth and lifestyle database that’s built to handle your most pressing needs. Search on over 300 million individual profiles and 122 million US households.

WE can’t be experts at everything, nor should anyone try to convince you otherwise. But WE can help you apply the best wealth data you’ve ever seen to your DMS and CRM platform.  Why compromise — have your cake and eat it too. Gives us a call to learn about other institutions that have outperformed using the power of WealthEngine.
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Tell us about your biggest challenges, and other experiences with other data providers that came up short. Then call us for a FREE trial subscription to FindWealth8 online. Learn about what you’ve been missing. Look up Major Gift Prospects in real time and uncover what your development officers need to know.
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Whether preparing for a capital campaign, qualifying new Major Gift prospects or the Annual Fund, WE can show you a few simple techniques that might surprise you. Just send us a test file of 500 records and experience the results for yourself with a free WealthEngine analysis.
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AlumniLocators and WealthEngine – partners for fundraising success.  >>>  Download our PDF

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